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Initial Consultation

At the initial consultation we will review your current situation and what you are interested to achieve and how I can help you achieve it. 

Weight management programmes

I can offer weight management programmes to help you achieve your targets, whether they be weight and/or inch loss. My programmes will be based on adaptations of what you normally like to eat and can make suggestions on where you can improve your diet nutritionally and where calories can be reduced. My programmes are normally supported by an achievable exercise plan.

Personal and family nutrition advice

I can offer advice on how to easily eat healthy and nutritious meals for yourself and for your family. By evaluating your normal eating habits and making suggestions for improvements and providing healthy recipes, I can suggest where you can adjust your diet to ensure you are regularly eating healthy and nutritious meals.

Diet advice for women planning to get pregnant, already pregnant, or breastfeeding

The nutritional status of a woman prior to pregnancy plays a role in the health outcomes of that woman and her unborn child. A healthy balanced diet containing all the nutrients for a healthy pregnancy is important and often not fully appreciated. I can give diet advice and meal plans for women planning to get pregnant. It's also important to ensure a new expectant mum is getting all the right nutrients for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. If she is healthy it will help her recover from the birth and provide nutrient rich milk when breastfeeding baby.

Full nutritional assessment

If you would like a nutritional assessment of your normal diet to identify potential deficiencies, I can analyse your diet using Nutritics to provide a full breakdown of your intake of nutrients. The assessment is based upon your typical diet over 7 days. Based upon your results you may then want to take up one of my other services to improve/change your diet to optimise your nutritional intake. 

Diet advice and meal plans for sensitivities and special diets

If you or a family member have decided to change their diet to omit or reduce intake of certain food groups, such as meat, fish, dairy, gluten, sugar, salt etc, then I can provide advice and meal suggestions to ensure the changed diet is nutritionally balanced.

Nutrition programmes to support exercise

When you undertake regular exercise, especially weight bearing exercise and aerobic exercise, it is sometimes necessary to ensure your diet is nutritionally balanced to replenish and repair tired muscles and make sure you recover quickly. My nutritional programmes are tailored to your needs to ensure your nutrient intake is optimised before, during and after exercise.

Bespoke presentations, workshops and trainings

I can offer bespoke presentations, workshops and trainings to a variety of different audiences from school children, parents and carers through to company employees about how to follow a healthy nutritious diet. These sessions can be tailored to the needs of the specific stakeholders (e.g. children, parents, carers, adults etc) and will include fact based evidence of how a healthy diet combined with exercise can lead to improved wellbeing. 

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