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Want to receive a free recipe in your inbox every month?

As well as being a nutritionist and business woman I'm a home cook! I like to prepare tasty, healthy (usually low calorie) food for my family. As a busy working mum I need food that is quick to prepare with least amount of faff, but that will be eaten. I've been cooking for years so I find it quite easy to be creative in the kitchen. But I also often use recipes from well known chefs, usually though with some adaptations according to what I like and what I can get my hands on at the supermarket. I've started to post pictures and recipes on my Facebook page, so you should check those out. You can also follow me on Twitter because I post recipe pictures there as well!

If you would like to receive a free recipe from me in your inbox every month, then I'm really happy to share them with you. I just need your email address. You can send it to me at . Just say "yes please I'd like a free monthly recipe." You can see my GDPR statement on my policies' page, so please be reassured that your information is protected, and it will not be shared with anybody else, without your permission. You can also of course unsubscribe to my free recipes as time you want.


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